Resilience is a story that puts you in the tight-laced, military boots of Captain Sam Hartley, a soldier put in charge of saving the universe from a legendary threat - a threat that no one is ready for. 

If you couldn't tell already from that opening sentence, this game is massively inspired by my favourite game series, Mass Effect!

This is a piece that I have completed for my Games Design University course, and the first real visual-novel I have produced.

Absolutely, 100% non-profit.

None of the images used in this piece are mine, and the credit goes to their respective authors.

I don't know if I will get around to making many changes to it, but I hope you enjoy it!

GenreVisual Novel
Made withTwine


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It was a good read. Excellent interactive-fiction gamebook. Lots of potential.

Your storytelling could use a little work, though... not enough depth, in my honest opinion. Also, the storyline was too short! You should make it longer, last for a few hours in the very least!

This story has so much potential and anyone who's played this game(book) so far will probably share my misery in inhabiting the metaphorical boat (or spaceship) called "Left Hanging".

So... will there be a sequel?

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Hey, thanks for being the first to take notice!

University brief to fit the story shackled me to me a 10-minute-or-so read, which is why it's a little short. I went big with ambition at the beginning and had to bottleneck it toward the end.

There could very well be a sequel if I get the time and/or inspiration to write it! I love science fiction to it's core, and love writing within that realm, so hopefully!